Merge Horizons with the Innovative Role of Intralinks Data Room in M&A Success

To find the best data rooms for M&A, companies can conduct data room comparisons to evaluate the features, security measures, and pricing models of different providers. Check how to merge horizons with the innovative role of Intralinks for M&A deals in the article below.

The role of virtual data rooms in M&A success

M&A transactions have always been one of the important points of businesses, which allows them to bring the data in line with the real state of affairs at the enterprise. Virtual data room technology includes the following:

  • automation technology for workflow management;
  • automation of business processes;
  • modeling of enterprise activity;
  • organization in the management of the interconnected activities of all employees of the enterprise.

Each virtual data room allows companies to set role-based permissions for each type of user that requires access, thereby reducing the likelihood of misuse through granular access control rights. Multiple parties involved in a merger or acquisition can interact virtually during due diligence negotiations through organized comment sections, thereby reducing the turnaround time required to receive feedback and making deal closure more timely than traditional methods.

The VDR software should also provide multiple ways to communicate with other program participants. These include private shows, email notifications, and conference calls that do not require users to log in to their accounts. This will speed up the collaboration process and allow you to communicate with team members in different time zones.

Choosing a virtual data room for M&A success depends on the following:

    1. Reputation and experience.
    2. Availability of necessary resources and specialized specialists.
    3. Price offers, approaches to determining the level of remuneration.

What is the role of Intralinks data room in the M&A transactions?

Thanks to the capabilities of the Intralinks platform, you will be able to transform ordinary routine work and automate processes and modern information space in a short time and with minimal costs. Its modern tools for independent development of business processes without programming will allow you to quickly design individual forms and maps and much more.

Files in Intralinks are stored in approved data centers designed to resist natural disasters, physical attacks, and virtual attacks. On its servers, data is encrypted using 256-bit AES. Encryption is used when storing data on the server (at-rest), the keys are stored on a separate server, so when the storage is compromised, the data will remain encrypted. That virtual data room for M&A also provides the following:

      • Simple and fast storage of documents with previous origin and signature.
      • Convenient sorting and storage of documents.
      • Convenient access to archives.
      • Possibility of limited access to confidential documents.
      • Saving time and resources, which includes not only money but also premises and other resources.

Intralinks data room supports additional features for data security. The first is two-factor authentication (only in the business plan), which requires users to enter a six-digit security code to log in when connecting a new device. Additionally, if a synced device is stolen, a virtual data room can remotely wipe that device. This closes access to the synced folder and deletes any content inside it. However, any files that have been moved outside of the sync folder will still remain on the device.

What is Virtual Data Room, and Why Do Organizations Need It?

Persons responsible for working with documents are obliged to ensure the safety of documents created at enterprises, institutions, and organizations. Cases from the moment of their establishment until delivery to the archives of the institution are stored in working rooms or in specially designated premises. Luckily, there are virtual data room services that can help you with this problem.

The Help of the Virtual Data Rooms in the Information Protection System

An information protection system is a set of organizational, technical, and technological means, methods, and measures that prevent unauthorized (illegal) access to information. The information protection system should be multilevel with hierarchical access to information, highly concretized and tied to the specifics of the firm on the structure of methods and means of protection used, open to regular updates, and reliable in both normal and extreme.

At the moment, no one doubts the fact that business success depends not only on financial results. Proper and complete management of the company is of great practical importance. It is important to pay close attention to the papers at all stages of the company’s life – from state registration to concluding agreements with partners.

Written documents are the most reliable evidence accepted by inspectors and judges. In any dispute, the study of papers is of paramount importance. However, drawing up a legally significant document is only half the battle. It is also necessary to ensure its timely receipt, accounting, and storage. It is very important to use it correctly. After all, a document is first and foremost a source of information that has legal and commercial value.

Virtual Data Room (VDR) is a secure online repository of data and documents related to business, legal transactions, or lawsuits. VDR uses a central server and an extranet connection, which is an Internet connection with highly controlled access. This Internet connection uses secure access provided by the appropriate supervisory provider or authority responsible for disabling or enabling secure access at any time.

The Need of the Data Room Providers in Organizations

Take a look at the main peculiarities of the data room providers to make sure your organization needs them:

  • Virtual data rooms make it easier to comply with certain laws, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. It is usually the most difficult to provide all the necessary documents during the audit, and the VDR provider usually offers appropriate indexing templates that will help the seller in preparing the documentation for the merger and acquisition operation.
  • After preparing and uploading documents to VDR, they become available to all potential buyers, and the system monitors all actions related to them. Once the transaction is closed, both the seller and the buyer can obtain an archive of documents and detailed action logs.
  • The Virtual Data Room simplifies the complex process of reviewing documents on the site. Therefore, without the application and its approval in the SPFU, only simple registration and open access to information. Financial results, technical passports, more photos, and information about lease agreements. All available information is in one place.

Also, don’t forget to try trial versions of several VDRs to compare data rooms and test their features in practice before purchasing. It is often associated with errors in search queries and systems that a person when answering his request, receives links to content that he did not want to see. This applies both to the general site search option and to image or video searches.

Best Alternatives for Google Drive in 2022

Google is more than just a search engine; it has grown into a brand with a wide range of tools for all kinds of businesses. Check the best alternatives for Google Drive in 2022 in the article below.

What Are the Main Benefits of Using Google Drive?

Nowadays, we perform many tasks from computers and smartphones. Plus, as long as you have an active internet connection, you can always work on the go. If we are talking about Android smartphones, there are various types of productivity apps available on the Google Play Store.

Google Drive is a cloud-based file management service that allows users to store all their important files, documents, and images in one place and access them from any device that is synchronized with the Internet. It can be used for both work and personal use. Users can quickly share and collaborate on files and other documents, even with people who don’t have an account.

With the help of Google Drive, files are stored in online storage. When a user uploads their data to online storage or platform, a unique URL is generated. When the owner of a file shares this URL with other users, he grants them access to download and share files on this platform.

The most important functions and features of Google Drive are:

    • storage size;
    • the amount of free space;
    • price;
    • many languages support;
    • the ability to view and edit files inside the repository;
    • recovering deleted files;
    • degree of data protection;
    • additional features.

Find the Most Attractive Alternatives for Google Drive in 2022


With a boxed account, you’ll get 10GB of free storage, instant Docs and PDF file previews, previews, and download statistics for files you’ve shared publicly or privately.

      1. pCloud.

The service will allow you to store and send files in the cloud and interact with other users through the cloud space. Different subscription levels differ in the number of concurrent users and storage volumes. Depending on the size of your company, you can choose the best option.

      1. Dropbox.

There are many services you can use, and we are going to list the best ones here, but none of them will be as easy to use as Dropbox.

      1. Icedrive.

This service is equipped with artificial intelligence, which is able to find almost everything in the photos; just specify it in the search. For example, a cat, a car, a child, and so on. The service also automatically detects specific people in the photo and groups all the pictures with their participation into separate groups.

      1. Box.

Box is a cloud data storage that allows users to store their data on servers in the cloud and share it with other users on the Internet. Its work is based on data synchronization. The main disadvantage of Box can be considered the approach to choosing folders for synchronization. In fact, the application monitors the contents of only one folder – Box.

It should be borne in mind that the analysis of the content of sites is carried out by search engines automatically, without the participation of a human operator, and in accordance with certain software algorithms. This, as a rule, is caused both by the peculiarities of the work of search engines and by the intentional actions of individual site creators aimed at bringing their sites to the top positions of search results.

Why You Should Use Secure Virtual Data Room?

Virtual data room software is a widely used tool that can be used in various business areas. Below you can see a list of areas where data rooms are directly related to productivity and business development.

The Meaning and Usage of the Virtual Data Room

In order to properly formulate our requirements for the virtual room, we need to identify key users of the product and the main workflow. The key persons involved in the process of processing corporate documents may be:

  1. CFO of a private company.
  2. Financial Analyst.
  3. End-user who needs to view documents.

You know a product is good if the owner is willing to literally put their money on it. The virtual data room is one such product that is so confident in its security features that it has a $50,000 bounty for anyone who might breach its security. No wonder it is the most secure data storage. So, whether you’re a privacy freak or just someone who wants to keep their files in near-impregnable data storage, the VDR was built to keep you in mind.

The virtual data rooms are mostly used to protect:

  • Private and venture capital. Private equity and venture capital firms manage several transactions simultaneously. This increases the load, and the usual file store may not be able to handle this task.
  • Investment banking. In this case, data security comes first. Typically, VDRs are used in IPOs, capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, and so on.

The audit process usually requires thorough preparation. However, in today’s business world, it often happens that the opportunity to enter into an agreement appears when no one expects it. Not surprisingly, in such dynamic environments, most operations organizers trust virtual data rooms. Preferably, such a room can be opened in 30 minutes and will have a multilingual and mobile interface and many other convenient options.

The virtual data room also has unlimited space for uploading photos from smartphones, and files are transferred from the device’s memory to the cloud automatically. Selection of pictures by name, date, and other features is available, but there is no search for objects in the photo.

The Main Benefits of Using the Virtual Data Room Solutions

Modern data room services must be able to handle the large amounts of data you may be storing. In addition, it should be able to work with the most available file extensions and download files quickly. With drag-and-drop and bulk upload functionality, you can work on a large number of documents at the same time without delays or system freezes.

Here are the main benefits of using VDR solutions:

  1. Saving and fast data exchange.
  2. Ability to access from mobile devices.
  3. Support any number of most file types.
  4. Ability to coordinate many VDR users simultaneously.
  5. Mac and Windows support.
  6. Available in multiple languages.
  7. Free trial offer (on request).

Be sure to compare virtual data rooms to find the solution that best suits your needs. In addition, many trusted resources offer ready-made comparisons of data rooms. So research, read reviews, and take your M&A deals to the next level with virtual data rooms. The search engine also knows how to recommend certain services to its users, including offline ones. Using geolocation, the smart device will offer information about the nearest shops, cafes, and institutions, indicate public transport stops, and, if possible, its schedule.