To find the best data rooms for M&A, companies can conduct data room comparisons to evaluate the features, security measures, and pricing models of different providers. Check how to merge horizons with the innovative role of Intralinks for M&A deals in the article below.

The role of virtual data rooms in M&A success

M&A transactions have always been one of the important points of businesses, which allows them to bring the data in line with the real state of affairs at the enterprise. Virtual data room technology includes the following:

  • automation technology for workflow management;
  • automation of business processes;
  • modeling of enterprise activity;
  • organization in the management of the interconnected activities of all employees of the enterprise.

Each virtual data room allows companies to set role-based permissions for each type of user that requires access, thereby reducing the likelihood of misuse through granular access control rights. Multiple parties involved in a merger or acquisition can interact virtually during due diligence negotiations through organized comment sections, thereby reducing the turnaround time required to receive feedback and making deal closure more timely than traditional methods.

The VDR software should also provide multiple ways to communicate with other program participants. These include private shows, email notifications, and conference calls that do not require users to log in to their accounts. This will speed up the collaboration process and allow you to communicate with team members in different time zones.

Choosing a virtual data room for M&A success depends on the following:

    1. Reputation and experience.
    2. Availability of necessary resources and specialized specialists.
    3. Price offers, approaches to determining the level of remuneration.

What is the role of Intralinks data room in the M&A transactions?

Thanks to the capabilities of the Intralinks platform, you will be able to transform ordinary routine work and automate processes and modern information space in a short time and with minimal costs. Its modern tools for independent development of business processes without programming will allow you to quickly design individual forms and maps and much more.

Files in Intralinks are stored in approved data centers designed to resist natural disasters, physical attacks, and virtual attacks. On its servers, data is encrypted using 256-bit AES. Encryption is used when storing data on the server (at-rest), the keys are stored on a separate server, so when the storage is compromised, the data will remain encrypted. That virtual data room for M&A also provides the following:

      • Simple and fast storage of documents with previous origin and signature.
      • Convenient sorting and storage of documents.
      • Convenient access to archives.
      • Possibility of limited access to confidential documents.
      • Saving time and resources, which includes not only money but also premises and other resources.

Intralinks data room supports additional features for data security. The first is two-factor authentication (only in the business plan), which requires users to enter a six-digit security code to log in when connecting a new device. Additionally, if a synced device is stolen, a virtual data room can remotely wipe that device. This closes access to the synced folder and deletes any content inside it. However, any files that have been moved outside of the sync folder will still remain on the device.